Working Hours:  24 / 7


About Our Hotel


It started as an idea, which was to be build a restaurant that would serve only to organize weddings. But as time passed, the idea expanded because we realized the location benefits that the place offered. Our location is kind of crossroads through which you must pass. Thus a need rather than a restaurant, to upgrade and operate as a hotel.


As a restaurant we have started to work since 01-03-2008. From the very beginning until now we have organized various celebrations and events that will surely be remembered for its stunning quality in food, service and good organization. We have started to work as a hotel in November of 2009 when the name was changed. It went from: Restaurant “Lalak” to “Royal L Hotel”.
Royal L Hotel meets all the requirements to obtain 3 stars, and is the only hotel in the city of Resen and its environment, that can be said to offer conditions as the others do not.


Today we work as Royal L Hotel who has 6 double rooms and 6 triple rooms, all newly built and modern. A restaurant with a capacity of 400 guests with potential for various celebrations, seminars, party’s ,etc.